Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've Been Awarded and Tagged!

Thanks to my new friend Miss Sniz for the Totally Fabulous Award! You are too kind ;)
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She also tagged me for a meme. I need to share 7 true things about me and then tag 7 of my blogging friends. Well, I really don't know who to tag, so if you are reading this than you are it!

Here are my 7 true things in totally random order:

1. My least favorite house keeping chore is cleaning the shower. Second to that is mopping although I recently bought a steam mop and to tell the truth I do enjoy mopping with it!

2. I love my Crocs but only wear them in the winter with socks...I'm in flip flops all summer.

3. I really enjoy crocheting. Is that spelled right? Knitting takes two needles and I never know where a dropped loop goes. When I crochet it is one hook and I can drop it and pick it up easily.

4. I LOVE photography and want to pursue it at a deeper than hobby level.

5. I go through favorite candy phases. For instance, I will crave only Red Vines for months and then switch to Jr. Mints. Right now I'm in a Whopper phase. That is the only candy I want...I won't eat anything else.

6. I love to sleep in. I set my alarm to get up early, but secretly hope that once the kids are older we can all sleep in together!

7. I never had a dog growing up. I have never lived with a dog. I love our friend's two Peka-Poms or whatever they are.



beckwanda said...

rose, you are one fascinating lady. so what are the tagging rules and regs? email me and i will post something.

Dori Powers said...

Ha I luv it. Wait I feel like I already know u....hmmm BC it do! :)

Um there is spell check a the top of your bar when writing a post....fyi.:) u luv me

Sniz said...

Girl, you did an awesome job with this! And I bet you get your wish about the family sleeping in. We all do (9, 10, 13). And the ironic thing is that hubby and I can't sleep in past 8:30 any more, and some times se can't even do that.